Working with Us

Our Process

  • Consultation

    • Meet Advisor and Chief of Operations

    • Interview the firm

    • Discuss important financial matters

    • Gather data to run financial analysis (including any alternative scenarios)

    • Analyzing your assets, income and financial benefits for liquidity, income, value, risk, taxation and the ability to meet your targeted goals.

    • Targeting is clarifying your goals in order of their importance. By examining your priorities, you can set your financial goals in terms of how much money will be needed, when and for how long.

  • Financial Planning Meeting (within 2 weeks of consultation)

    IFPC’s Comprehensive Financial Analysis: A comprehensive financial plan shows where you are today, where you want to be in the future and how you can move toward your financial objectives, even as those objectives change. More importantly, the plan helps you accomplish these objectives with techniques and investment vehicles that match your unique personality.

    • Confirm data used to generate comprehensive financial analysis.

    • Formulating a plan that will adapt our resources to fit your goals. We will help you weigh the financial alternatives available to you, comparing their risk and benefit factors in achieving the larger objective of financial independence.

    • Present findings of original scenario plus any additional alternatives utilizing a working plan during the meeting

    • Answer any questions and provide recommendations for employer retirement plans and benefits

    • A Follow-up letter with financial plan "checklist" containing detailed recommendations from the analysis

  • Portfolio Presentation (1 – 2 weeks later)

    • Present Portfolio designed by IFPC team modeled after the previous planning session recommendations

    • Answer any questions and explain the implementation process.

    • Sign contracts and receive ADV, privacy policy, contact info, etc.          

  • Implementation (1 – 2 weeks later)

    • Sign paperwork.

    • Explain the process of working with IFPC in the future.

  • Friday Follow-Ups (Every Friday until the transition is completed) via email

    • Weekly email(s) updating the client on the status of the transition

      • Will include anything we need from you or address anything you may need from us

    • Final Follow up email “Completion”

      • Will also be utilized to set up a Final Meeting with Amanda

  • Implementation, competition, and technology education meeting (Immediately after Transition is Completed)

    • A team member will review clients transition process and final portfolio

    • A team member will  go over a personalized web site with client

  • Review (3/6 Months later)

    • We review your program at regular intervals in the future as your plan will need fine-tuning to keep pace with the economy, new tax laws and your own changing needs, desires and financial objectives.


Investing involves risk including the potential loss of principal. No investment strategy can guarantee a profit or protect against loss. Neither Royal Alliance Associates nor its registered representatives, provide tax or legal advice.