The Integrated Financial Planning Center Team members have been serving Central Texas collectively for more than 75 years, as fee-based personal and business advisors. Specializations include Retirement Income Planning, Risk Management, Wealth Accumulation, Tax Planning, Asset Preservation and Estate Planning.

Our Philosophy

Integrated Financial Planning Center has a philosophy founded in education. We have offered seminars to help educate those seeking an understanding of the language and methodology of financial planning. It does not matter whether or not you have investment experience, we believe, you will feel comfortable learning from us. We believe: "No Account is too small; Financial Planning is for Everyone." You wouldn't build a house without first spending time developing a set of architectural plans and specifications to guide the builder. In that same vein, we start with a comprehensive analysis and develop strategies for helping you accomplish your goals and objectives without taking any more risk than needed. A comprehensive review is done at least annually to determine if any of your investments and/or strategies need "fine tuning" so that your goals can be achieved.