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October 23, 2016

Fall is definitely upon us and the weather seems to be changing!  We are planning a different kind of event this year for our open house style event, so look for our evite coming soon!  Be sure to keep all of your contact info up to date with us so you get all of our invites and newsletters.

Thank you for your continued support and trust!



May 26 - 

Dear IFP Client Family,

As you are aware, the rains in central Texas have been at almost biblical proportions.  Many of you have written, called, and texted to check-in on Don and his family; and we appreciate your concern, prayers and warm thoughts.  Many of you know that Don lives in Wimberley which saw some of the worst destruction from the flooding this weekend.  Some of you even came to his house on Flite Acres road back in 2005 for our client appreciation picnic and bbq. The house most of you are asking about was swept away completely by the incredible and unprecedented rise of the Blanco River.  In previous minor floods, the water had risen fairly high but the house was designed to withstand flooding with a "flood floor".  This time, the water was just too high. I cannot even fathom the amount of water it would have taken for the river to rise so much and so fast; it reached the 3rd floor before the house was ripped from the foundation and swept downriver.

Don had a few battles in that house with nature including a fire and a couple of floods caused by the rising of the Blanco river which ran right past his yard. For this and other reasons, he and Glennette decided to sell the house and buy a new place a little more inland.  With no more kids at home and a busy travel schedule, it just made sense.

For the last year, Don has been living in his new house while they had the old house listed for sale.  While his new house is seated much farther from river, it was not spared by the rising water.  They have about 4-5 feet of water in the new house, and have spent many hours already trying to remove and preserve what they can.  They will be staying with their daughter Crystal in Austin for the time being, or until other arrangements can be made.

We, and especially Don and Glennette appreciate your genuine concern and offers to do something.  While losing material possessions is never easy, its a blessing that they were not hurt or worse; swept away in the old house.  Don even said that with the warnings coming they still assumed it was just another flood in the area and they were not worried.  He said if they had still been living in the old house he probably wouldn't have left since he never would have thought in a million years that it would get that high.

We are ever thankful that he and Glennette are safe and out of harms way and ever hopeful that the worst is behind them.  Our continued thoughts and prayers go out to all the other families who were not so lucky.  There are still missing families and sadly children who are unaccounted for in that area.  

We will keep you posted on any changes or updates and again thank you for all of your support.

Peace to all


May 2 2015

We are so excited to welcome to our family baby Coby Brown!  Brandon and Kristen were too excited to have their (first) new addition that he came 3 weeks early!  Needless to say we are not ready to be without our Brandon but we are thrilled he gets some much needed paternity time with Kristen and Coby.  Our family here is getting bigger every year!  Congrats to the new parents!

April 2015 Congratulations to our very own Perreda Manor in winning an award from the Komen Foundation for "Excellence In Advocacy".  This award represents her commitment to the charity and to spreading the word for breast cancer awareness.  We are very proud of her and her dedication.


Mar 2015 Our ladies at IFPC went to the annual Women's Conference where Amanda was asked to be interviewed; see her on You Tube talking about how our clients become our friends.


Feb 2015 This year Amanda and Perreda are participating in a very special imitative with the AIG advisor Group.  The ladies will be working with the Women's Forward program that matches mentors and mentee to help women work together to expand and grow both their business and their souls.  See more about it here in an article on Think Progress:


Jan 2015 Happy New Year, we look forward to another year of working with you to achieve your goals!


Dec 2014  Thanks to all of you who were here for our Holiday Open House!  We collected about $500 in food and toys for the Capital Area Food bank and everyone had a great time eating, drinking and being silly in the photo booth.  Happy Holidays and we will see you all next year!


Oct 2014  We are so excited to welcome Jen back from maternity leave!  She had a beautiful baby boy on August 25 who is very healthy and has a head full of hair!  


Past Events:

Pair it and Prepare it WM Event June 2014

Cruise on Town Lake Client Appreciation Event Fall 2013

Wine Tasting with the Ladies of IFPC Fall 2013

TopGolf Men's Event Fall 2014 & 2015

Ladies Paint Party  Event 2015

Annual Shred-It Event June 2015, July 2016





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